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What bad events had happened that week?

Come off anon and I’ll let you know

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"i hate myself more than you ever could"

Pure MDMA should NOT have that harsh of a comedown at all. Sounds like your stuff was cut with something else.

Thanks for the concern but I tested it with marquis and yeah it was pure mdma. I just rolled in a bad frame of mind due to previous events in the week and therefore had such a worse comedown (I Think)

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So I’m spending a week at my uncles lake house with my family and my Dad asked what beer I stole from him last night. I told him that it was the lager and that while it was nice, it was boring and sad without somebody to share it with. So later he invited me out to share a beer with him and we looked at the stars and pointed cool ones out to each other. We then talked about alcohol and then weed and then our conversation turned to other drugs. I told him about how much I used to smoke weed, and my fear of an impending drinking problem, and he told me about smoking weed and hash in high school, and then trying mushrooms and coke in college. It was a very touching father son moment, and I’m just very happy to have been able to have a deep an meaningful conversion with my Dad, because I’m normally not very close with him.

It’s been about 5 days and my post MDMA depression is finally letting up (I think), and I’m not sure it was entirely worth it. One night of fun in exchange for five days of feeling like complete shit and brain depleted of serotonin doesn’t seem like a fair trade. One of the strange parts is that nobody else got the horrible backend from the roll even the people who took as much as me, I think it was the fact that I had already been in an upset mood about other stupid things and then I dumped all the serotonin in my brain. The first day after the roll was the absolute worst, the entire day I had to take breaks in my conversations to go into a room and sob. Fuck you drugs

"You have to consider the possibility that God does not like you. He never wanted you. In all probability, he hates you. This is not the worst thing that can happen. We don’t need him. Fuck damnation, fuck redemption. We are God’s unwanted children, so be it!"

I read your "first time rolling" blog, and it's a beautiful thing. You gotta go to a rave/dubstep show next time you roll. Don't go by yourself though. Go with your friends. Go experience it there. You'll love it. You'll be at peace, you'll feel love, you'll get unity and respect. Trust me. It's way different at a rave. If you had fun just chilling with your friends. Imagine it with 100 or more people with half of them rolling. Making friends and talking to people there is amazing ❤️

Thanks for the advice! I plan on candyflipping the next concert I go to

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Just don’t use too much or you’ll deplete your neurochemistry and end up super depressed and lethargic.

Yeah I plan to wait at least a month between rolls, if not 2-3 months

First MDMA Experience

This was two nights ago. Two close friends and I dosed around midnight with 100mg. We returned to the house and waited for it kick in. After about 45 minutes I started to feel some jitters in my legs. I stood up, and realized I was definitely feeling different. I started to feel fuzzy inside and my friends started to grin. There was a little bit of anxiety, just because the transition from sober to not was incredibly quick and unexpected. We decided to walk outside and brought blankets and speakers. We sat and bounced on a trampoline and looked at the stars, which were absolutely beautiful. All of the sudden I was filled with this overwhelming sensation of beauty, wonder and love. The anxiety of earlier was gone and I was what most people would call “rolling face.” I felt like I was head over heels in love, just fucking crazy in love. We decided to walk to a blacktop and watch the meteor shower from there. When I got off the trampoline I felt like I had infinite energy, but I could also sit and chill forever if I wanted to. We looked at the night sky and put on some chill music and saw a couple shooting stars now and then . I loved my friends, I loved the world, I loved love. Touching stuff and people was amazing. We petted each others hair and stroked faces and hugged and under normal circumstances it might have been strange or awkward, but it just didn’t fucking matter. I felt completely at peace and surrounded by indescribable bliss. We began to just talk about life, with absolutely no filter, there was no fear of judgement and each one of us was incredibly open about everything in our lives. It felt so good to get all these things off our chests without caring because you knew everyone else was feeling the love and wouldn’t care. For lack of a better word, it was complete and utter ecstasy. One of the most interesting things about it was that my mind felt so clear, it was more of a feeling than a high induced by some chemical. Most people assume that the harder drugs are more cloudy and have less control, but it’s the actually the exact opposite, with alcohol and weed having very intoxicating and cloudy effects, and MDMA and LSD becoming more clear minded. After a few hours we started come down and decided to head back to the house. At this point I started feel the “comedown” that MDMA is infamous for. I just felt less open and didn’t want the magic to come to an end. We listened to one more song and I passed out, only to wake up for work in three hours. The next day there was just a slight blowback, but nothing compared to a hangover. Overall an excellent experience, 10/10 would recommend.